Ready Player One Main-on-End Title Redesign
This is a personal project that I created to redesign the main-on-end title sequence for Warner Bros. and Amblin Entertainment Film, "Ready Player One." The original sequence played out as a simple white on black with no visual elements. In order to create a sequence that paralleled the visuals in the film, I decided to incorporate iconography that played off the thematic symbols of the film such as the King Kong, the DeLorean, and the Iron Giant.
The process of the redesign began with three completely different ideas, using concepts seen within the film. The first idea was to create the entire sequence as the end of a VHS tape, showing each name in sequence as if the VCR had completed the tape and was telling you it was the end. The second idea was that of ASCII Art mixed with Hexadecimal code, showing that the names of the people that created the film were in the code of the game that was being shown throughout the film. Finally, the last concept was to create 3D renderings of 2D sprite art to show iconography of the film, to reference both the idea of nostalgia and gaming seen in the film. In the end, it was decided to combine all three.
The process to get the models to look like 3D 8-bit models to ASCII Art was a long and tedious one. It first began with figuring out which iconography would be used from the film. After selecting the elements that would be utilized, I began to hunt for free 3D models of each of the models, which would be modified heavily. I then used a converter to get the models into voxels. I would then take these "voxelized" models into Maxon Cinema 4D to light and texture them. After that, I would render each animation out and convert them into ASCII art through a method that I'm going to keep close to my chest for now.
After doing this, and creating models for the objects I couldn't find, I then created style frames. The ASCII art element was eventually changed from what is seen from above. I then found a typeface that went well with the nostalgic ascetic. Synchronization was next. I kept the original song from the unaltered title sequence due to this being a redesign and not a remake. 
When the process was all said and done the entire process took several hundred hours from concept for completion. I had some help along the way in converting frames into ASCII due to the time-consuming process. Thank you for reading more on the creation of this piece.

Title Sequence Credits:
Designed, Animated, Edited and Produced by Zac Bazzoli
Additional Help from Jack SteadsonDiana Rex, and Susie Scheer
Special Thanks to Michael Betancourt, Kasella Acain, and SCAD MOMELove